Bookkeeping is like breathing says SC Jersey

By Solutions Centre Jersey  -  On 11 Apr, 2013 -  0 comments

Keep your business in good health with accurate bookkeeping services

In this brave new world of entrepreneurship and sole trading the need for everyone SC Jersey knows that to have at least a basic understanding of accounts and bookkeeping is vital. It is very easy to set up as a freelancer but there are also corresponding legal obligations which cannot be ignored and these are not so easy if you have little experience in this field.

With all the tinkering in education isn’t it strange that very little is taught about basic bookkeeping and aspects of basic accounting; whether you are thinking of budgeting in the home or running a small business SC Jersey really believes this is a life skill.

Bookkeeping is probably the thing most sole traders dread, for example, when you are buy trying to grow your business, develop a reputation and make your mark the last thing you want to devote time to is bookkeeping. It all seems such a waste of very precious time and often as new business people have little knowledge or experience SC Jersey understands they try to ignore bookkeeping until it causes significant stress.

The problem is, however creative you might be, however dynamic you may be as a sales person, keeping accurate books is as important as breathing – perhaps a slight exaggeration, but poor bookkeeping can lead to financial bad health and eventual death of a company, so you can see why we relate it to breathing!

Professional bookkeeping services are no longer prohibitively expensive nowadays. Changes in technology have streamlined so much about accounting processes and as a consequence can be carried out at your convenience.

We are all looking for flexibility in the way we have access to money, spend money and move our precious resources around. Let’s face it there is even digital money in existence, so SC Jersey understands the sky really is the limit.

If you are looking for training in QuickBooks, for example, this is just one of a number of customisable packages that are now available to all businesses however large or small. You can now make decisions regarding how often you want to be in the position to peruse your company’s figures. If you are worried about accessing reports, or being competent in handling the information CS Jersey can even teach you how to access the Excel reporting we set up thus eliminating stress further.

In terms of specific cost, well that depends very much on the need and the size of the business but you can check out our examples on this page We recommend you book a call back and we can talk you through all your queries and show you how each of SC Jersey’s services are bespoke and will be tailored for your specific needs.