Keeping count is life and death for small businesses

By HiteshMi  -  On 31 May, 2013 -  0 comments

SC Jersey helps you to balance your books

Learning to count is one of the first things we do. Keeping track of the things around us is something we also learn from a very young age. These skills we attain early on allow us to watch exactly what is going on. If you like it is an early form of accounting.

From the beginning of time before weights and measurements were set people needed to know exactly what they were buying and what they would get for their money. Yes, early measurement was in cubits, the measurement from elbow to finger; span, the width from thumb to small finger with the hand outstretched and so on. Yet it demonstrated that consumers and those in business have always needed to keep tabs on what was going out and coming in.

For those struggling with tax returns now, especially sole traders, freelancers and those without the benefit of accountancy skills this ‘measuring’ of the past twelve months can feel very daunting.

However, it is a fact of life that accounts have to be kept and the more organised you can make your financial affairs the more likely your business will succeed. Taking on the services of an accountant is not just another outgoing. It is an outgoing that will save you time, energy, money and even more importantly will be a guaranteed health check for your business.

Do not leave your figures to chance. Those who are muddling along right now, whose ledgers are less than perfect, think about this. How much do your sleepless nights cost you in productivity during the day? Can you really afford to spend your well-earned rest time struggling with your accounts?

If the answer is no then it’s time to find an accountant who specialises in small business accounts and can ensure you do not accrue penalties; you only pay what is due; that you don’t forget to include expenses and claim all that is due. It makes sense and gives you peace of mind.

No one is going to count with an abacus these days and there is no reason to make your accountancy needs more complex than they need to be. Contact SC Jersey today and see just how much more effectively you can run your business with an accurate set of accounts.

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