Meet the latest accountancy super heroes

By Solutions Centre Jersey  -  On 11 Apr, 2013 -  0 comments

Clean up your business Bookkeeping practises today

In the past both accountants and accountancy has been treated with an element of derision and it has definitely never been seen as a positive chat up line:

‘What do you do then?’

’Well I’m an accountant; I specialise in bookkeeping.’

Yet the tide is definitely turning and Central Solutions Jersey are really looking forward to stepping into the spotlight as the very best Bookkeeping superheroes ready to save every business on the planet from their nemesis: accountancy meltdown!

We know accountancy is not sexy but it’s as essential to the health and well-being of every enterprise wherever and however it is trading in this new digital world. We only have to look at the major scandals that have been breaking in 2013 alone to see how reputations and businesses can be won and lost when there is no one really keeping a close eye on the accounts.

Let’s face it false accounting is a form of theft and an illegal and very dangerous game to play. Therefore the ideal scenario for any business, large or small, is to keep their books squeaky clean and when a bookkeeping specialist takes control it can make a massive difference to the positive performance and growth of a company.

Imagine approaching the year end filled with confidence, without fear and with a complete set of accounts which demonstrate to the last penny or nickel just how your company is performing. With up to date, accurate and organised accounting you can see exactly what really matters in your company and keep your eye on what goes out and what comes back in – basic yes, but it’s like breathing, without it you are dead!

It is mandatory, anyway to keep company accounts accurately and HMRC in the UK, for example, are very keen to explore all examples of fraud or suspected fraud. Some high profile cases such as Barclays, The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Swiss Bank USB underlines just how endemic less than honest practises have become and it’s time the grass roots said ‘No!’ to such offences.

No matter how large or small your business, Solutions Centre Jersey is here to help you and we are passionate about alleviating your accountancy headaches, boosting your profits and ensuring you have confidence whenever anyone wants to see your Bookkeeping. It makes sense and reduces stress; what more is there to say.

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