Payroll is big business even for small businesses

By HiteshMi  -  On 02 May, 2013 -  0 comments

SC Jersey is proud to offer its Payroll services

SC Jersey is set up to assist in this sometimes complex and fast-paced aspect of business practice. Payroll is dynamic and requires an organised, knowledgeable and reliable system for every business and we are here to help you manage today.
After all, aspects or work, pensions and pay change at lightning speed and every business, which is involved with payroll, needs to keep abreast of the latest news and trends. Right now MPs in the UK are calling for one regulator to oversee workplace pensions, instead of the three who currently do the job, and this looks like a smart move when it comes to really keeping an eye on pension schemes. The whole topic has become far more pressing than ever before as we all live longer and enjoy considerably more time post-employment.
Alongside significant changes in employment trends too, there are also plans for small pension pots to go with employees as they change jobs. Bearing in mind the dearth of ‘jobs for life’ this also looks like an ideal amendment as it has been shown that quite a proportion of workers reach retirement with five dormant pension investments, which really isn’t ideal.
With redundancy guidance just published by ACAS and the National Minimum Wage set to increase by 12 pence to £6.31 an hour those in charge of Payroll services have much to consider. Certainly it is an interesting sector in which to be involved but keeping abreast is a juggling act.
Think of the launch of Real Time Information and the impact that has had on payroll. Employers are still getting their collective heads around this development, although it must be said, despite some teething problems RTI has been, in general, quite a success. Although a little bird did say that telephone helplines are struggling to cope with the sheer volume of calls and waits of around an hour have been reported – ouch!
If, however, RTI makes you feel a little queasy, and if you feel it would be more beneficial to your enterprise to outsource your Payroll requirements, then SC Jersey can be your superhero and rescue you Lois Lane style, leaving you to concentrate on running your business and being the expert in the areas in which you feel most comfortable.
To see exactly what SC Jersey has to offer regarding their Payroll services click here and leave the research, updating, submissions and associated stress to us – we’ve already been there, done that and had our t-shirts hand printed, if you don’t mind. We wish you a profitable month ahead.