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By Solutions Centre Jersey  -  On 11 Apr, 2013 -  0 comments

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Accounting scandals have become quite high profile in recent years. You only have to think how many you can name off the top of your head and it’s surprising how many come to mind: Lehman Brothers and Enron immediately , for example and we weren’t even trying hard!

In 2013 governments are all trying to track down every penny they are owed. With greater transparency through technology, ‘creative accounting’ will be seen as the ‘theft’ it really is. There has been a sea change; it’s not appropriate to simply accept a culture, shrug your shoulders and continue using dubious practices.

When Ofgen levied a massive 10.5 million pound fine on Scottish Power Company, SSE at the beginning of April 2013 it actually criticised the culture of mis-selling which had been on going over years. This was sustained and no one did anything to address the issue, so the fine was necessary, although it is a fraction of their current profits.

Transparency and a squeaky clean attitude towards public accounting in general appear to be permeating business in the twenty first century. There is a groundswell of opinion that what has, in the past, happened behind closed doors, now needs to be aired in public. A more puritan approach to bank and company profits means  the general consensus of opinion is that we should all put our houses in order and each share our responsibility and be able to defend ourselves with accurate figures each and every time.

Think about public opinion towards tax evasion from some of the biggest names today and therefore if the biggest companies are being targeted then anyone running a business should also ensure their accounting is well organised and most important 100% accurate.

In fact an accurate set of accounts or regular and accurate basic bookkeeping can provide so much valuable information to ensure any enterprise flourish. It is easy to spot negative or positive trends, can show the result of recent decision-making processes and most importantly can demonstrate clearly what is coming in and what is being paid out: simple but essential basic good business practice.

Who wants to run a business where invoices aren’t sent out on time, payments aren’t chased and orders aren’t made or shipped on time? It is all about discipline and a first class accounting service or package underpins just about everything for any business.

If you want to avoid paying fines for late submission or failure to adhere to government regulation, if you want to lose your credit rating with a supplier from not paying promptly, if you want to allow clients to rack up debt because you haven’t chase payment then that is easy to do and CS Jersey cannot help you.

On the other hand, if you want to save money, keep on top of your business profit and/or loss, have accurate figures available to drive growth, sales and so on then SC Jersey is here to offer you every solution for any bookkeeping or accounting need your specific business may have.

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