SC Jersey changes the way business does its accounts, PayPal changes the way we pay,

By HiteshMi  -  On 31 May, 2013 -  0 comments

Consumers find alternatives to cash, accountants offers more accessible bookkeeping services

You may think payroll services and accountancy in general is a little dusty and boring, but don’t you believe it!

Accountancy services have been enjoying a real transformation. Technology has changed us and the clients we deal with have changed too! More people are setting up their own businesses, going freelance and doing things in a more independent manner. After all, the days of working for the same company for the duration of your working life seem to be well and truly over.

So what’s the news? Well SC Jersey has been watching the rise of PayPal with interest and we notice some of our clients are being paid this way for a multitude of business services. Consumers themselves are showing their distrust of certain institutions and conventional financial practices and going for the alternative approach.

It appears that payment methods which we have seen developing in recent years have really expanded rapidly and are more than double in the past year alone. The British Retail Consortium assures us that cash is still a big player but has only got 54% of the share in 2012. This figure actually represents a 10% fall over the past twelve months.

It’s not just PayPal which has grown but people are clipping money off vouchers and coupons like never before and their use has doubled. What does that say about people’s attitude to money in these stark economic times?

SC Jersey has been keeping abreast of the trend and it seems that more and more people are watching the pennies and the financial misbehaviour has impacted at grass roots level.

Everyone running a business is beginning to see just how important accounting and accounting services can impact positively on their business and associated finances.

Although technology is changing the way we run our finances, savvy Bookkeeping skills are both evident and highly necessary in both business and personal finance.

The director general, Helen Dickinson, who heads up the British Retail Consortium stated that new and emerging ways to pay are really changing the world and business needs to give consumers more choice.

SC Jersey is all in favour of this and know their accounting services can help to eliminate charges, assist in keeping costs down. By managing bookkeeping, businesses extract the most from the resources available to them. ‘Innovation, flexibility and attention to detail’ is probably the mantra for all aspects of contemporary entrepreneurship. Click here to discover all three today.