SC Jersey lifts the lid on Management Accountancy Services.

By HiteshMi  -  On 31 May, 2013 -  0 comments

Why is the future as important as the past with regards to accountancy?

What are management accounting services? Just the name is enough to put some people off. So SC Jersey believes‘with knowledge comes power’ so this blog will go some way to offering a brief summary of what you can expect from our Management Accounting.

  • Any manager needs to make acute and strategic use of accounting information available. This will allow anyone in a decision-making position to make clearly informed decisions; that goes without saying.
  • The difference with management accounting services is that it projects into the future rather than simply looking at historical data.
  • It can seem scary as there is an element of abstract thinking required. Managers are not looking at a project or case by case scenario. They are dealing with abstract, ‘what if?’ scenarios, generic ideas and it’s for use within a company and not necessarily for anyone outside such as shareholders etc.
  • Management accountancy tends to keep its cards close to its chest and the reports and data is often confidential. Therefore you can expect the assessment of strategies, the integration of cost and operational performance, process efficiency and other processes which measure the general performance of a company.

Therefore it is essential that any business should employ accountants with financial reporting expertise and SC Jersey have had over a decade to perfect their services. We would like to see ourselves as creating value as we assist your business to make the decisions which will ultimately have a lasting impact on the core of your business and assist you in planning its long term health and future performance.

SC Jersey offers a contemporary, flexible and smart way of ensuring your management accounting gives you the very best possible information and we use many different methods, approaches, tools and techniques which make us exactly the right accountants to talk to.

If you are interested in discussing the difference between a more traditional approach and something more contemporary, then SC Jersey is more than happy to share our expertise and also knowledge about this exciting form of accountancy. Click here to start the conversation today and who knows how your business might develop with first class management accountants at your side.