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Are you having a headache keeping your Bookkeeping records up to date?

Let us help you out and alleviate the problem for you. Our professional Bookkeeping services can be provided either remotely or at your business premises. Whether you are a start-up business; need someone to cover a staff member who is away for any reason; or someone who just needs short-term assistance, rest assured we can “take the strain” away from you.

Our basic Bookkeeping services can be carried at your premises and at your convenience. We can perform your monthly, quarterly and annual accounting and Bookkeeping tasks, set up your Bookkeeping records in a manner that makes it easy for you to complete the transactions, train you in how to use Quickbooks, do periodic checks to make sure all is well or can supplement your current staff to lessen the drain on administrative time.

Our Bookkeeping and accounting professionals can customise a package of services that are priced to keep you competitive in your marketplace while taking this headache out of running your business. In addition by getting the Bookkeeping right the production of final year end accounts becomes a lot less of an issue for our Accountants so we can cut the overall cost of your financial accounting by a substantial amount.

Need management accounts on a more regular basis? By using the latest version of Quickbooks we can set up reporting on a click basis to cover all your needs. Need more ad-hoc reporting then let us set it up for you. Our Bookkeeping and accounting professionals are experts in Microsoft Excel so can easily set up whatever reporting you require and teach you how to access it all with a minimum of stress.

We are ideally placed to cover short term issues, such as sickness and maternity leave for small business Bookkeeping requirements. We can advise and assist in the recruitment of bookkeepers and can devise the correct Bookkeeping solutions and training programmes for your business where necessary.

How much does all this cost?

Every business has different requirements but here are some examples

Example Client 1

The company’s owner maintains the ledger using Quickbooks. We visit the clients premises on a monthly basis to check the work carried out, reconcile the bank accounts, prepare management accounts and any other reports needed by the owner. At the end of the year we prepare and submit the company’s accounts to the tax department.

The monthly fee for this is 200.00

Example Client 2

A local manufacturing business;
The owner has no interest in bookkeeping and does the bare minimum to keep his records up to date on a daily basis. Each quarter we attend the client’s warehouse to finalise the bookkeeping, reconcile the bank accounts and issue ad-hoc management accounts/reports when required. At the end of the year we prepare the accounts and issue them to the Comptroller of Income Tax.

The fee for Bookkeeping in this situation is 40 per hour and generally only takes five hours per quarter. The cost for submission of the annual accounts is an additional 800.

In general we charge an hourly fee of £80 for Consultancy in setting up your bookkeeping records or advising on how to better structure your records to ease the “headache”. General bookkeeping services are charged at £40 per hour but clients do like to know how much everything is going to cost so after we initially get to grips with your business we can quote a monthly fee for this service. We will happily visit you for a no cost survey of your requirements.

If you would like further information on Bookkeeping please get in touch.

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