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Invoicing & Statement Operations

What type of business are you doing?

If it is service orientated and your time is charged on a time and expense basis then we can take your daily/weekly/monthly timesheets, add any expenses and issue the appropriate invoices to your clients. Similarly if your business is sales orientated then we can take your sales instructions and issue the invoices. At the end of each month we issue statements to customers with outstanding invoices and, if necessary, chase up any debts which are outstanding for longer than your standard terms.

Our professionals can also handle any other functions involved in the generation of the income for your business leaving you the freedom to continue to work profitably.

Depending on your type of business this work is generally charged on an hourly basis at £60 per hour as there is an inconsistent time requirement for this service on our part. However we can of course consider a fixed rate if your business is of a nature that means we can spend a fixed amount of time each month undertaking this on your behalf.

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