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SC Jersey lifts the lid on Management Accountancy Services.

Why is the future as important as the past with regards to accountancy?

What are management accounting services? Just the name is enough to put some people off. So SC Jersey believes‘with knowledge comes power’ so this blog will go some way...


Solutions Centre Jersey Payroll Bureau

Solutions Centre Jersey provides full payroll bureau services via its Offshore Logic™ Offshore Payroll+ system. Solutions Centre Jersey provides a service whereby we host this software on your behalf, issue staff payslips on your chosen paydays, submit monthly ITIS returns and quarterly Social Security returns and any or all of these services. In addition we can supply the software for your use. We can also arrange BACS (same day value) payments of salary to complete your full payroll requirements.

A description of the software product follows:

Offshore Payroll+ currently processes all aspects of payroll for Jersey and includes jurisdictions like Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, etc. Offshore Payroll specialises in areas that have their own tax and insurance rules. Offshore Payroll+ includes Personnel, where additional data like Training, Sickness, Holidays, Professional Qualification, Next of Kin, Assets held, Appraisals and much more can be recorded.

Main features of the software include:

Immediate onscreen recalculation of payslip.
Advanced multi-level security options.
Weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly and monthly pay frequencies.
Jurisdictional monthly, quarterly and annual returns.
Full analysis of company/department/location structure.
Pay Codes can be split across departments/locations.
Tax, Insurance + Pension analysed across depts/locations.
Full history of all payslips created, incl quick reprint option.
Full detail behind the Tax, Insurance and Pension calculations.
Powerful reporting + user defined ‘Pay Crosstab Analysis’.
Easy Integration with accounting systems (eg Sage/SAP).
Multi Currency postings (date driven exchange rates)

Creation of bank interface file for quick payment of salaries.
Quick integration of employee record into a Word template.
Individual processing of payslips for advance pay.
More than 40+ User definded ‘Custom fields’.
Import employee’s Year-to-Date values from old employer.
Users can customise the system to their own look and feel
Powerful holiday capture and reporting.
Jersey BIK processing & ITIS compliance (incl xml output).
Fully intergrated Diary Reminder processing.
Employee folder for holding and viewing associated files.
9 – 5 Phone support on working days.
Online support using (quick, efficient and secure).

How much does all this cost?

Purchasing the software -Annual costs

# Employees

10 employees
20 employees
30 employees
40 employees
50 employees
100 employees

Payroll Only


Payroll & HR


There is a charge for installation and setup as the system needs to be customised for the business sector and the system is too advanced to just deliver and run ! A basic install/customisation/training can be achieved in about 4 hours, running up to about 8 or 12 hours depending on the OP features used. This is performed at £70 per hour.

Solutions Centre Jersey Payroll service

We can host the software and provide all the necessary requirements to give you a full payroll service at £30 per employee per month. This drops to £25 per employee for businesses with 10 or more employees. This includes the monthly ITIS and quarterly Social Security returns.