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What is the Office Administration service that we offer?

Basically it is a collection of all the other services gathered together into one package that means all your office functions are managed by us on your behalf.

We analyse your business and put together a support function so that we issue the invoices for your services/sales, send out statements on a monthly basis, collect all cash receipts and bank same in your bank account, enter all Bookkeeping transactions in your Quickbooks accounting software, undertake debtor control, provide periodic management reporting to you/the shareholders, prepare the businesses annual accounting statements and any other service required to meet your back office needs.

This alleviates any problems for you and means that you can get on with doing what you like best – running your business. All this at a cost which is somewhat less than you employing someone to undertake these tasks for you. Of course, we will also run your payroll system if you have additional employees that need to be paid.

If you would like further information on Bookkeeping please get in touch and we will happily visit you for a no cost survey of your requirements.

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